Holders of a German visa


If you are already in Germany, you can register alternatively in our office


Interaktiv e.V.

Baroper Str. 322

44227 Dortmund


during office hours or 



online via this registration form:



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Registration from abroad


If you live abroad and want to apply for a visa, please follow the steps outlined below to register as a student of German as a foreign language at Interaktiv e.V.


  1. Fill in our online registration form for students from abroad and then click on “send”.


  1. Once we have received your online registration, we will send you the details of our bank account via email. 


Use this information to transfer the fee for the course(s) you want to register for to our bank account. 


  •  Please do not forget to give your name, to specify the courses you wish to register for (i.e. A1-B1) and to list the starting date of course(s) you have chosen when transferring the money to Interaktiv e.V.


  1. As soon as we have received the fee, we will send you a confirmation of registration including an acknowledgement of the payment which you may use to apply for a visa at the embassy.




Arrival in Germany


Please confirm your participation in the respective language course(s) 


14 days before the course starts at the very latest via email to,


in person at our office during office hours (opening hours) or by phoning us.


If you have registered for an A2, B1, B2 or C1 course, you will have to take the respective placement test on the date listed under the relevant course start date (course schedules). 


Afterwards the results of the placement test will enable us to guarantee you a place in the course that suits you best. 


In case the minimum number of participants in this course has not been reached by this time, or if the course is already full, we will book you a place on the next available course, or we will reimburse you.  

No Visa?


No problem!


If you have not been able to obtain a visa 14 days before the course starts or if your visa application is denied, we will postpone your participation in the courses you have registered for. Alternatively, we will reimburse all the fees you have paid to Interaktiv e.V., if you prefer that. We will retain only a 20  administrative fee.


In case you wish to have your fees reimbursed, you need to submit the following documents:


  1. The original confirmation of both registration and payment (acknowledged in your confirmation email)


  1. the original letter from the embassy, rejecting your request for a visa