approximately 200 teaching lessons 



8 weeks; 

5 days a week, with 5 lessons of 45 minutes daily




To join our C1 course, you first have to take our placement test, level C1. 


Students of Interaktiv e.V., who have successfully passed the exam at the end of course B2, do not have to take an entrance test, but proceed directly.



Course C1 at Interaktiv e.V. offers a perfect preparation for the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber (DSH), which is one of the essential requirements for academic studies in Germany. Therefore, it focuses on the comprehension and composition of academic texts.
Each C1 course includes intensive training in German grammar, reading and listening comprehension as well as in text production. Practising with the help of original DSH exams, you will be able to enlarge your vocabulary and your comprehension of scholarly texts in a variety of academic fields. You will regularly take tests under DSH conditions, so that you will able to continuously monitor both your achievements and your learning progress.


Interaktiv e.V. lecturers have more than 15 years of experience in preparing students for the DSH (some having passed it themselves); they will introduce you to a wide variety of learning techniques which will enable you to pass the DSH and subsequently to graduate successfully in Germany. 

Our lecturers base their teaching mainly on the demands set by the TU Dortmund for those who take the DSHat that university and for prospective students.

The leaving certificate of the C1 course issued by Interaktiv e.V., entitles those graduates of our C1/DSHpreparation course who have been admitted to academic studies at the TU Dortmund to apply for a place in the DSH at that university.


Graduates of the Interaktiv e.V. C1/ DSH preparation course who have not been admitted to academic studies at the TU Dortmund are entitled by their leaving certificate to apply for a place in the DSH at numerous other universities and to take the DSH there.